Charles Binns


Lion Creek Nature Reserve


Charles Binns is based in Hertfordshire and travels widely using his camera to capture the beauty and variety of the places he visits.

These images were taken predominantly with a Holga camera, a simple Chinese camera made from plastic which uses 120 roll film. The Holga's simple plastic lens creates a dream like image where the focus (and sometimes the light) falls off towards the edges of the frame.

The Holga also allows its user to experiment with a range of techniques, such as multiple exposures where the negative is exposed several times to create an abstract image not unlike some of the impressionist paintings of the nineteenth century.

Photographic film has a warmth and richness of tonality that is lacking in digital media and Charles still works almost exclusively with film.

Charles' blog, The Wandering Holga, has a wide variety of images and can be found be clicking the icon below.

The photographs displayed on this web site are available for sale and you can contact Charles here for full details.


The Olympic Village


Japanese Nights


Still Life